Opening Hours
Timing from 10am to 8pm, Last entry 7PM


​​​​​​​From humble beginnings as a fishing village towards the rise to global prominence, Dubai has captured the imagination of the world luring thousands of foreigners to come making it their home.

The Shindagha Museum delights its visitors with a taste of Dubai, widely known for its openness and progressive thinking, Dubai’s culture and traditions are at the heart of The Shindagha Museum, where people from near and far can learn about our fascinating past.

The iconic Dubai Creek area is the home to our museum where visitors can experience the vibrant history of Dubai. It was developed as part of an initiative to transform the creek into a regional culture and traditional centre.

Shindagha Museum tells the universal tale of human innovation, resilience, and the desire for progress which shaped the Dubai of nowadays. We invite our visitors to explore the heritage submerging them into true Emirati culture and its origins. The museum also highlights Dubai’s shared heritage with the region and wider world. 

“We may not live for hundreds of years, but the products of our creativity can leave a legacy long after we are gone.”  
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Mission & Vision

A commitment to education, exploration and celebrating culture all under one roof


The mission of The Shindagha Museum is to be an all-encompassing venue for people interested in Emirati culture and who want to get a deeper understanding of what it entails. It was created to be an informative and enjoyable centre of human interaction and understanding, one that will inspire this generation and those to come. 

To do this, the museum collects, houses, preserves, researches, and interprets Emirati cultural heritage to put together thought-provoking exhibitions and events for UAE residents, expats and visitors alike.

The museum’s aim is to also deliver quality public learning programmes for those who wish to go deeper into the academic and historical side of the subject in a welcoming, supportive, and enriching environment.

When it comes to preservation, this also includes the charming heritage buildings on the DHD site. Meanwhile. the research work of the museum has the goal of ensuring relevance and accuracy in the exhibits and teaching programmes. 


The museum connects Emiratis and international guests with the rich and unique history of the UAE and its people. Its vision is to embrace the past – understanding how it has led to the present, and assessing how it will influence the future. 

The museum also aims to reveal the powerful continuity of Emirati life over generations and how identity is forged through economic challenges and opportunities, societal changes and the influence of outside forces.

As the UAE begins the next chapter of its story and moves towards becoming a global leader in innovation, technology, business, and now even space exploration, the museum acts as an emotional touchstone for Emiratis. It offers them guidance and confirms a belief in their ability as a people to do amazing things. It acts as both a portal to the past and a window on the future.     

Goals & Objectives

​A clear aim to challenge Emirati stereotypes and celebrate a truly unique culture

As the UAE government works with gusto to enhance and rejuvenate the historically important Dubai Creek area, The Shindagha Museum has been created to promote the emirate as a cultural destination – and perhaps challenge some existing perceptions of Dubai. 

People across the world love the emirate for being a fun, glamorous, and thrilling tourism spot with sunshine all year round, but there is much more to this amazing place. Dubai has a fascinating traditional culture running parallel to its luxurious modern lifestyle, and the history of the local Emirati people is rich with tales of ingenuity, creativity and awesome adaptability. 

Behind the travel brochure superlatives lies an emirate with a wonderful heritage and a rich set of traditions that have shaped its identity. The museum was created to celebrate those traditions and guide people through a world they may have never known existed.

Importantly, the goal was also to provide UAE residents with connections to their own past, as well as new experiences and family activities. The Shindagha Museum caters to those who seek authentic experiences, unique programming and events, and high-quality facilities.