Opening Hours
Timing from 10am to 8pm, Last entry 7PM

Children’s House

A place where children can discover the wonders of Emirati heritage

Opening a door to the past in a way that young people can enjoy and easily understand, the Children’s ​house reinterprets themes from the rest of the museum in a way that is simple, safe, and relevant for early learners. 

Understanding that children take in new information best when having fun, the space offers a vibrant mix of high-tech and low-tech exhibits, as well as individual and group experiences – all with a hands-on and minds-on approach.  

This is a comfortable and engaging part of the museum that encourages inter-generational storytelling, life-long learning, while boosting observation skills and the desire to experiment. 

Children will also enjoy playing some traditional Emirati games, while also discovering the wonders of nature, the land and sea, and the animals around them.