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Culture of the Sea

Dive into a world built on a mastery of the water

From pearl diving to dhow building (a traditional UAE boat), imports to exports, Dubai’s growth and development is inextricably anchored to the sea. 

The emirate has a rich and varied maritime industry dating back around 7,000 years – and the passion for waters of the Arabian Gulf is still strong in the hearts of Emiratis today. 

In the Culture of the Sea house you will explore the early twentieth century period, when Dubai was thriving at the heart of the pearl trade. Find out just what it took in terms of skills, fortitude and creativity, to succeed in a marine based economy. 

The house explores how families coped as dhows took men out for months, even years at a time, and how the bounty of the sea informed the local food culture. There are rich human stories interwoven in the exhibition, allowing visitors to see life through the eyes of people long gone, but not forgotten.

Those interested in marine biology will particularly enjoy learning about key marine fauna, environments, and natural resources.