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Al Maktoum Residence

Learn all about Dubai’s pioneering royalty and their achievements

At its core, Dubai’s story is that of the ruling Al Maktoum family, a royal dynasty that over generations has transformed the emirate from a small town to a globalised metropolis. The family descends from the Al Bu Falasah section of the Bani Yas, a tribal federation that was once the dominant power through most of the country. 

Visitors at Al Maktoum Residence will discover the history of this pioneering clan, as well as getting a riveting look at the reigns of 19th century leaders – their decisions, and the important events connected to them. 

Full of intriguing historical information, ​Al Maktoum residence​ is accessible, surprising, and full of human stories that bring the family’s fascinating characters to life. 

It also illustrates how in an era of upheaval and uncertainty the seeds of Dubai’s prosperity were sown due to a combination of pragmatism and open-mindedness in its leaders.