Opening Hours
Timing from 10am to 8pm, except on Tuesdays, Last entry 7PM

Goals & Objectives

A clear aim to challenge Emirati stereotypes and celebrate a truly unique culture

As the UAE government works with gusto to enhance and rejuvenate the historically important Dubai Creek area, The Shindagha Museum has been created to promote the emirate as a cultural destination – and perhaps challenge some existing perceptions of Dubai. 

People across the world love the emirate for being a fun, glamorous, and thrilling tourism spot with sunshine all year round, but there is much more to this amazing place. Dubai has a fascinating traditional culture running parallel to its luxurious modern lifestyle, and the history of the local Emirati people is rich with tales of ingenuity, creativity and awesome adaptability. 

Behind the travel brochure superlatives lies an emirate with a wonderful heritage and a rich set of traditions that have shaped its identity. The museum was created to celebrate those traditions and guide people through a world they may have never known existed.

Importantly, the goal was also to provide UAE residents with connections to their own past, as well as new experiences and family activities. The Shindagha Museum caters to those who seek authentic experiences, unique programming and events, and high-quality facilities.